No Lease, No Grease

Our team has the ability to manage any size of leasing project. We understand the importance of lease assets to our clients. Bearcat employs a fully staffed and experienced leasing team. Our agents are highly motivated and aggressive but are also sensitive to the relationships formed with mineral owners. We understand the importance of maximizing our clients position in a given area and realize the success for any lease play, small or large, depends on obtaining significant amounts of continuous acreage. Our team is also versed in obtaining mineral, leasehold & working interests. Our expertise in acquisition, technological tools and research give our clients a distinct advantage over their competition. Bearcat maintains a fully staffed lease administration team tasked with processing, invoicing, paying, and recording all of our clients’ leases. Our detail oriented lease analysts ensure all leases we acquire are accurate and clear of title defects. We also house a secure database which stores all our leasing information.

Our Oil & Gas Purchasing & Leasing Services Include:

  • Experienced and motivated leasing & acquisition agents
  • Fully staffed lease administration department
  • Secure lease information database
  • Relationships with mineral owners
  • Mineral aquistions
  • Leasehold and working interest aquistions
  • And more!

Why Us?

We offer the best on-shore landman services in the US. Our mineral buying, leasing, oil & gas services, and knowledge make us the best full-service professionals in the industry. We work with our partners to streamline projects that not only deliver product the highest-quality results, but also deliver on time – crucial to success in a competitive market where evey day counts.


Locations Served

NW Cana
Arkoma Stack
Anadarko Basin
Hollis Basin
Marietta Basin
Cherokee Platform
Powder River Basin
Permian Basin
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