Title Examinations And More For Your Important Acquisitions

Our team of professional landmen are trained and versed in all due diligence services you expect when acquiring new assets in the oil and gas industry. We never settle for less than perfect when ti comes to identifying and quantifying all risks associated with your new on-shore acquisition. We will perform a series of controlled exercises from high-grade data to support for a successful closing. We will make a full due diligence inspection of the seller's internal records, such as accounting, title, lease, and well records. We will then work with you to finalize all paperwork to close the transaction.

Our Due Diligence Services Include:

  • Exhibit preparation for document closing
  • ORRI, WI, and NRI review
  • DTO & DOTO requirement checklist and review
  • Lease and title defect identification and reparations
  • Mineral and leasehold research and validation
  • HBP status review and continuous product verification
  • Exhibit preparation for document closing
  • And more!

Why Us?

We offer the best on-shore landman services in the US. Our mineral buying, leasing, oil & gas services, and knowledge make us the best full-service professionals in the industry. We work with our partners to streamline projects that not only deliver product the highest-quality results, but also deliver on time – crucial to success in a competitive market where evey day counts.


Locations Served

NW Cana
Arkoma Stack
Anadarko Basin
Hollis Basin
Marietta Basin
Cherokee Platform
Powder River Basin
Permian Basin
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