Curing Drill Site and Division Order Title Opinions

We have an experienced staff to help facilitate the preparation of your Drill SIte Title Opinions, obtain the necessary title curative for the drilling of your well and assistance in preparing and curing the Division Order Title Opinion. Our professional approach to full-service title curative services provides our clients with a thorough approach to title curative. Our services include key preparation, such as providing index and images for attorney preparation of the Drill Site Title Opinion, providing attorneys with our lease files and curative, and working with landmen and attorneys to create ideal outcomes. After the attorney prepares the Drill Site Title Opinion, our experienced staff will help determine what needs to be satisfied and how to quickly and accurately acquire the title curative, so you will be comfortable in drilling your well. After the completion of the well, we will provide your attorney with additional images and the index along with the curative accumulated so that he can prepare his Division Order Title Opinion.


  • Providing index and images for attorney's preparation of the Drill Site Title Opinion
  • Well information and regulatory filings for attorney preparation of Drill Site Title Opinions
  • Collaboration between mineral owner and landman to reach pay status
  • Attorney and landman negotiations
  • Providing the title attorney with our lease files and our lease curative which saves time and money on the Drill-Site Title Opinion preparation
  • And more!

Why Us?

We offer the best on-shore landman services in the US. Our mineral buying, leasing, oil & gas services, and knowledge make us the best full-service professionals in the industry. We work with our partners to streamline projects that not only deliver product the highest-quality results, but also deliver on time – crucial to success in a competitive market where evey day counts.


Locations Served

NW Cana
Arkoma Stack
Anadarko Basin
Hollis Basin
Marietta Basin
Cherokee Platform
Powder River Basin
Permian Basin
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